Breaking News Punjab Subsidy Bike Registration Started

Breaking News Punjab Subsidy Bike Registration Started

The government has made a big announcement for the students, in which the government has started the registration of the provision of 20,000 motorcycles in easy installments to facilitate the transportation needs of the students. The Punjab Subsidy Bike Registration Started to ensure the provision of bikes to the students easily and every Student now can apply for the E-bikes scheme.

The Punjab government has set a mark-up subsidy of Rs 1 billion for this scheme, based on which the students are to be provided with motorbikes at easy rates.

According to this Scheme, the distribution of 19,000 motorcycles, 19,000 petrol bikes and 1,000 e-bikes will be started first, and the candidates will be provided in easy two-year installments. Here is more information given for the Punjab E-bike Scheme.

Procedure for the Petrol Bikes and E-Bikes Installment for the Students

According to the Chief Minister’s Youth Initiative, 800,000 students in the province now have the opportunity to own their bikes. From 19000 Petrol Bikes, Male Students can get 11,676 bikes, and female students can get 7,324. From 1000 E-bikes, male students can get 700 Motorcycles, and female students can get 300 E-bikes. All Petrol and E-bikes will be given in 2 years easy installment.

If a candidate wants to pay his installment early, he can pay by consulting the Bank of Punjab and they will provide a complete guide for the Students. If you want to apply for the Punjab Petrol bikes and E-bikes then you need to fulfill the required criteria for the scheme. Eligibility criteria are given below for the Punjab E-Bike and petrol bike scheme.

In First Phase: In the first phase, five cities (Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Lahore) will be eligible for the Petrol bike and E-bikes.

Eligibility Criteria for the Petrol and E-bikes scheme

To register for Punjab Subsidy Bikes, one must first meet the eligibility criteria for the Petrol and E-Bikes.

  • Age Requirement: The students should be 18 years old
  • Driving License: The students should have a valid Motorcycle Driving Licence or Learner’s Permit.
  • Education: Regular student of a University, Degree College and duly recognized by the HEC Department
  • The candidates should have a valid ID Card and Must be regular students.
  • Both Male and Female students can apply for the Punjab Bikes Scheme

Punjab Bike Registration Process:

Punjab Bike Registration Process started and students should apply now through the Punjab gov pk bike website

First of all, the candidate has to do his registration for the BOP bike scheme and Electric bike. For this purpose, first of all, you have to go to students there you will see a page after that you have to click on the “Registered Now” button after clicking on this button yes You have to register yourself for Punjab Bikes Camp, and after that you will see “login” button then click on it and through that you can easily apply online.

First of all, You should verify that you have a Valid Driving License or Learner’s Permit, and then enter the Required Details.

  • For the Punjab Bike Registration Process: Enter your Name and Email Address
  • Enter the Valid CNIC Number and Select the Gender. At the end, enter your Password and again re-enter the password

If your registration has been completed then you can apply for the Punjab government Petrol and electric bike scheme.


Can male and Female Students apply for the Punjab Bike Scheme?

Yes, Both male and female students can apply for the Punjab Bike Scheme.

What is the Helpline Number bike scheme for students?

The helpline Number is given for the bike scheme: 042 -111 -333-267

What is the last date to apply for the e-bike scheme?

The last date to apply for the Students Punjab Bike Scheme is 29 April 2024

What types of Bikes are being government offered under the scheme?

The government is offering two types of bikes: The 19000 Petrol bikes and 1000 Electric Bikes which are known as e-bikes

Is Punjab Subsidy Bike Registration Started?

The Punjab Subsidy Bike Registration Started now and every eligible student can apply for the Subsidise bike before the closing date.

Is Female students can apply for Punjab Scheme Bikes?

Yes, Female students can apply for both Petrol Bike and E-bikes.

From where will apply for the Punjab Bike Scheme in 2024?

The candidates should go to the bikes punjab gov pk official website and first of all register themselves for the bike registration and then submit the application under the government Scheme.

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